DPM Recoil Reduction System for ZASTAVA EZ-9/40 COMPACT Barrel 98mm 9mm 40s&w


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DPM Recoil Reduction System for ZASTAVA EZ-9/40 COMPACT Barrel 98mm 9mm 40s&wThis product data sheet is originally written in English.Holsters    |    Apparel    |    Bulletproof    |    Tactical Accessories    |    SpeedloadersIWBM247 Professional Customer ServiceMIL-SPEC QualityPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONRecoil Reduction System EZ-9/40 COMPACT Barrel 98mm 9mm 40s&wMECHANICAL RECOIL REDUCTION SYSTEMThis system works due to the multi spring intricate rod (three springs) and controls the functionality of the pistol. The third spring which is contained within the rod controls the movement of the slide so it never rams on the frame.The system includes one spring plug and two different external springs. The spring plug should Always be Installed when the DPM Recoil Rod and springs are used. The external springs are different in length, the long spring is heavy and the short is light so the shooter can fine tune the pistol on the opening and locking positions (slide on the battery) according his/her personal standards.OVERALL ADVANTAGESFaster follow upImproved speedSlide and Frame ProtectionElimination of jamsSignificant recoil reductionBetter double-tap concentrationBetter control and greater accuracyCOMPATIBILITY:Zastava EZ-9/40 COMPACT Barrel 98mm 9mm 40s&w ABOUTThe DPM Systems Technologies LTD was chartered in 2003 with aim the design and development of advanced components. More specifically the aim of the company is: The research and development of technological products with an improvement of operation of all portable defensive. The design, production, and the assembly of theses products are umbrelled under the legal protection in the Greek Patent Office (Industrial Property Organization) (O.B.I.). a) As a rule with Patent-PCT in Greece- Europe, or Worldwide b) With Certificate of Model of Usefulness, (P.Y.H.) c) With the process of Protection of Industrial Drawings and Models.   All manufacturing has been adhered to the rigid specifications of ISO 9000.   Activities Manufacture of parts Martial and other Arms. Services of Research and Experimental Development in the Mechanics and the Technology. Services of Concession of Technical Methods. Services of Transfer or Concession of use immaterial goods of (Rights Intellectual Property, Patents, authorizations Exploitation Industrial and Commercial Signals and similar rights). ABOUT USWe have been in business since 2001 and ever since, we have had the privilege of serving thousands of customers reaching from Hawaii to Vladivostok. Our mission is to offer state of the art Israeli army equipment and hard to find IDF memorabilia together with competitive prices and exceptional service. Our customers consist of professional soldiers, contractors, arms enthusiasts and Israel/IDF supporters. ZAHAL is one of the largest IDF ebay web stores for Tactical gear, Bullet Proof, Combat gear as well as insignia, badges, patches, pins and medals. Special Forces, Police, Air Force, Army and Navy insignias and much more.   If you have any question or interested in an item that is not listed on our eBay store and we offer other stuff from the same manufacturer we probably have it in stock so contact us at any time for more information. RETURNSAll returns are accepted but please know the following:You have to contact us within 14 Days after receiving the item.A refund will be given only if the product you received is damaged or you have returned it back to us because you are no longer interested in it anymore.We will do our almost to prevent customers dissatisfaction so if there is any problem with your order please contact us asap so we could help you and give you the best customer service you can get.We do our utmost to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We ship three times a week. Please allow sufficient time for the package to arrive and don't forget that it is being shipped from Israel. All "days" mentioned in the information below are "business days".**Again, we offer this information without any obligation or guarantee.Destination / ServiceStandard ShipingNorth America10 - 21 days5-8 days3 - 5 daysEurope7 - 14 days5-8 days2 - 5 daysRest of the world14 - 31 days-4-7 days(South America) 4-6(Australia)IWBM 247 Professional  Customer Service MIL-SPEC Quality PRODUCT DESCRIPTION MECHANICAL RECOIL REDUCTION SYSTEM OVERALL ADVANTAGES Faster follow up Improved speed Slide and Frame Protection Elimination of jams Significant recoil reduction Better double-tap concentration Better control and greater accuracy COMPATIBILITY: Zastava EZ-9/40 COMPACT Barrel 98mm 9mm 40s&w   ABOUT b) With Certificate of Model of Usefulness, (P.Y.H.)     Activities Manufacture of parts Martial and other Arms. Services of Concession of Technical Methods. ABOUT US   RETURNS All returns are accepted but please know the following: Destination / Service Standard Shiping North America 10 - 21 days 5-8 days 3 - 5 days Europe 7 - 14 days 5-8 days 2 - 5 days Rest of the worl For Gun Model EZ-9/40 COMPACT Barrel 98mm 9mm 40s&w Handing Ambidextrous MPN EZ-9/40 COMPACT Brand DPM For Gun Make ZASTAVA UPC 716808749248 Type Spring Recoil Mechanism

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