FAB Defense AK-47 Conversion & Accessory Kit – Marksman

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About the FAB Defense AK-47 Conversion & Accessory Kit - Marksman:

Your AK47 is the workhorse of the combat world.  Being the most commonly used tactical rifle on the planet, its basic design and function do not need to be questioned.  But it is just that: Basic.;  Take your basic AK47 platform and customize it to make it both the ultimate in reliability and tactically optimal for you. By adding a FAB Defense Conversion & Accessory Kit to it, you can make that happen.  The FAB Defense Basic Conversion & Accessory Kit Marksman takes your ability to use it to the next level by providing you with the tactical GL-Shock stock so that you can adjust it to your shoulder and cheek, giving you optimal shoulder-to-trigger spacing for shooting and weapon control. The GL-Shock Stock minimizes recoil so that you can reload and fire again quickly without losing a lock on the target. Just to make sure you have all the rail room you need, the 3-rail handguard has more than enough space for all the Tactical lights and other tactical features you want to add to your AK47.

Please see the photo above of the different Receivers in this kit and order accordingly. It is your responsibility to make sure you are ordering the correct stock receiver for your rifle. We recommend checking your original stock when it's disassembled to ensure it looks like the photo of the new stock receiver you are purchasing. Should you order an incorrect stock be advised we will need to charge you a restocking fee for its return. 






Compatibility of the Handguard: 

  • AK47 / 74 variants. It Will fit AK47 clones if they are the same as the Russian Specs.

  • Customers reported it will NOT fit WASR AK-47 and Zastava M70. 

* Prices for the stamped receiver. Other Reciever prices may vary.  


AK-47 Stamped Receiver, Milled Receiver, Saiga Receiver, Zastava Receiver, AKMS (Underfolder) Receiver

If you would like to know about your specific model, please ask us and we will gladly tell you. 

Kit Includes:

  • AK-47 Tactical handguard with 4 rails
  • M4 GL-Shock folding buttstock with a recoil-reducing mechanism inside
  • Cheek Rest with Picatinny rail
  • AGR-47 Rubberised Pistol grip
  • Optional discounted Foregrip selection in the menu

About FAB Defense:

FAB Defense LOGO

FAB Defense® has been leading in developing and manufacturing the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment, and weapon accessories for the State of Israel’s Military and Police. FAB Defense® R&D department works in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide to design creative, ability-enhancing, no-nonsense solutions to the ongoing dynamic challenges met in the field.

Stamped Receiver AK-47/74 Variants
850 g
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Weight 850 g
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