Half Gas MaskHalf Gas MaskHalf Gas MaskHalf Gas MaskHalf Gas MaskHalf Gas Mask
Half Gas Mask
Half Gas Mask
Half Gas Mask
Half Gas Mask
Half Gas Mask
Half Gas Mask
Half Gas Mask

Half mask S-97



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About the S-97 Half Mask:

Ideal for civilian everyday use. It looks less scary than the full military mask but gives more protection than most civilian protective masks in use today 🙂

The ZAHAL S-97 half mask, in conjunction with the appropriate filter type, provides reliable respiratory protection against organic vapors, acid gases, ammonia, highly toxic gases, radioactive particles, and particularly dangerous bacteria and viruses.

The half mask is made of high-quality non-hazardous silicone rubber, which does not cause skin irritation, allows long-term physiological tolerability during work, does not cause discomfort in contact with sensitive skin, is light, easy to apply when placed in a protective position and easily removable. Physiological tolerability during work in conjunction with the recommended types of filters is also favorably affected by low inhalation and exhalation resistance.
Depending on the type of thread, the half mask is supplied with a wide range of filters with round thread Rd 40x1 / 7 "(EN 148-1)
All types of protective filters of the AFC-20 and AFC-25 series are suitable for the half mask.

Technical data
Weight 145 g
Number of sizes universal
Rubber-textile clamping system
Threaded connection RD 40x1/7 "
There is no speech membrane

Inhalation resistance Exhalation resistance

at a flow rate of 30l / min. At a flow rate of 160l / min.




145 g

Additional information

Weight 145 g




Country of Manufacture


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