IDF Combat Engineers Silver/Gray Beret

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IDF Intelligence Green Beret

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About the IDF Combat Engineers Silver/Gray Beret

The combat engineering corps combines engineering and infantry fighting. The corps ins responsible of breaking obstacles, dismantling mines, placing explosive devices, creating obstacles to the enemy (mines, fences, dirt channels, etc.) and also functions as infantry units in routine and emergency situations.

The Combat Engineers Corps took an active part in all of Israel’s wars, destroying infrastructure, breaking enemy lines, and particularly noteworthy in making the crossing the Suez Canal possible during the Yom Kippur War and breaking the Syrian fortifications during the Six Days War.

The motto of the corps – ” Combat engineering always the first ”

The light gray color of the corps is also interpreted by many as silver and hence the famous sentence about the soldiers in the corps - "the cap is silver, the heart is gold." The decision to manufacture a unique beret in the colors of the corps was made by the chief engineering officer in 1983 in order to enhance the representation and pride of the unit, and until then the engineering corps, like many other corps, used the black beret.

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