IDF Givati Purple Beret

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Givati Purple Beret

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About the IDF Givati Purple Beret

Givati Brigade was first established in 1947 as the 5th Brigade of the IDF. It was dismantled several years later and was rebuilt in 1983. The 5th Brigade, later the Givati ​​Brigade, was established in the IDF as one of the first six brigades in the period preceding the 1948 War of Independence. The task of establishing the brigade was given to Shimon Avidan, who served as a veteran commander in the ranks of the Haganah and the Palmach, the name Givati ​​was the underground name of Shimon Avidan in the period leading up to the establishment of the state. 

During the War of Independence, the brigade defended the Tel Aviv area and participated in escorting convoys to Jerusalem. One of the brigade's actions during the war was to stop the Egyptian Army and defend settlement of Negba. This operation was carried out by the brigade's recon unit, the "Samson Foxes". As a result, the brigade received the Fox as its logo and crest. Near the Kibbutz of Negba, where the brigade stopped the Egyptian army, stands the brigade's monument, at the 'Yoav Fortress'. 

In the summer of 1956, it was decided to dismantle the brigade and establish it as a reserve brigade. After the First Lebanon War in 1982 The Givati ​​Brigade was reestablished as a regular infantry brigade.The purple color was chosen for the color of the beret and the badge of the unit was redesigned, combining the Givati ​​emblems of 1948 and the Shaked recon unit.

Givati ​​fought alternately in the security zone in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Following the withdrawal from Lebanon, the brigade was stationed in the Gaza Strip, where it led a series of successful anti-terror operations. Since then, the brigade has been stationed throughout the country - in the north, south and in Judea and Samaria. The Givati ​​Brigade participated in many campaigns, including the "Tidal Wave" in the Gaza Strip, the Second Lebanon War, Operation "Hot Winter", Operation "Cast Lead" and Operation "Tzuk Eitan".



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