IDF Insignia Israeli Navy Submarines Miniature Pin

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Israeli Navy Submarines Miniature Pin

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About the IDF Insignia Israeli Navy Submarines Miniature Pin

The Israeli Navy Submarines flottila was established in 1959 when the first Israeli submarine, the INS Tanin arrived at Haifa port. Tanin and her sister submarine INS Rahav were purchased from the Royal Navy and were S class submarines. At the mid 60s' another 3 submarines were purchased from the Royal Navy, this time T class models. INS Leviathan, INS Dakar and INS Dolphin. Dakar was lost with all 69 crew members on her voyage from Portsmouth to Haifa on January 1968.

In the beginning of the 70s' Israel ordered 3 new submarines, the Gal Class model. The submarines were based on the German 206 class with Israeli modifications but were built in the UK due to political difficulties in both countries, Israel and Germany. The three submarines were named after the first two submarines and the third one INS Gal. (Wave in Hebrew)

At the beginning of the 90s' the Israeli Navy started to plan the 4th generation of submarines. Together with German shipyards a new class of submarines were developed, the Dolphin Class. INS Dolphin arrived at Haifa in 1999, followed by two sister submarines, the Leviathan and Tekumah (Revival). 

Two of the fifth Israeli submarines generation, the Dolphin II class INS Rahav and INS Tanin are already active. The third of the Dolphin class II, the INS Dakar is due to arrive in 2019. Then the Israeli submarines flotilla will consist of 6 active highly sophisticated submarines.

According to foreign resources the submerged fleet represent Israel’s “second strike” nuclear deterrent capabilities. 

The miniature submariner's badge is unique and very rare. Limited quantity.


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