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IDF Israeli Air Force Dark Gray Beret

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About the IDF Israeli Air Force Dark Gray Beret

In contrast to other colors that emerged during the IDF's existence, the decision to wear a dark gray beret was made immediately upon the establishment of the IDF in 1948. The beret is carried by all soldiers in the air and space corps, such as the technical and air defense soldiers. In addition to the cap, the officers in the arm and the pilots also have a visor hat, which is customary in ceremonies and official events.

The Israeli Air Force was established during the 1948 War of Independese, as a successor to the “Sherut Avir”(Air Service), which served as the aerial branch for the Haganah (later to become Israeli Defense Force). At the time of its establishment, the IAF consisted of a small number of troops and aircraft, with recruits and aircraft joining the air force from South Africa and the USA, bringing valuable skills, aircraft and equipment along with them. At the end of the war, most of the foreign volunteers were released, and the IAF was made up of Israeli pilots only. The air force began establishing Air Force Bases using former RAF bases in Palestine.

At the begining of the 50s the IAF underwent a complete re-organization with the development of new control systems, and the increase in aerial reconnaissance missions. In 1953, the Air Force entered the “Jet Era” when the British “Gloster Meteor” aircraft joined the force.

The IAF continued integrating new aircraft throughout the 60s, and its combat doctrines were put to a test in a long series of battles against Egypt, Syria and Jordan. During Operation “Moked” of the Six Days War of 1967, the IAF destroyed the Egyptian Air Force, and severely damaged the air forces of Jordan, Syria and Iraq.



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