IDF Nahal Bright Green Beret

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Nahal Bright Green Beret

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About the IDF Nahal Bright Green Beret

The Nahal Brigade was founded in 1982 as a regiment of several battalions, following the need for additional infantry forces during the First Lebanon War. In the thirty years since the war, the brigade has been involved in countless complex operations throughout Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
Nahal Brigade soldiers are wearing a pale green beret with the infantry hat badge and reddish/brown combat boots.
The brigade’s insignia is composed of a sword, a sickle and wheat stalk. The sword is  symbolizing the value of the defense, the sickle and the wheat stalk symbolize the work of the land and pioneering – a sign of the connection between the infantry brigade and the Nahal heritage.
The brigade’s emblem consists also four arrows, symbolizing the four battalions – Granite, Shaham, Basalt, and recon(Sayeret) unit.

The initials of the Nahal Brigade represent pioneering youth and therefore it is not surprising that the color chosen for the brigade beret is the bright green which symbolizing the agriculture, nature and settlement of the Zionist pioneers in the Land of Israel. The beret was received by the brigade in 1988 and is now an essential part of the Nahal Brigade. The beret is also worn by the Caracal Battalion and the Jordan Lions Battalion - both of which are mixed battalions of male and female fighters.



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