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IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Defense Forces Artillery Corps Beret

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About the Israeli Defense Forces Artillery Corps Turquoise Beret

The IDF's artillery corps is one of the oldest in the Israel Defense Forces. It is responsible for operating  medium and long-range artillery. It operates advanced, powerful and accurate weapons systems deep into enemy territory, providing fire cover and assistance to the maneuvering and advancing forces.

The Artillery Corps is comprised of five main pillars:
1. The Cannons array - the main force of the corps, responsible for the operation of the all mobilized cannons.

2. The rocket array - an array that operates the rocket launchers of the Artillery Corps.

3. Positioning system - the system operates advanced equipment for positioning and targeting enemy units in the field of combat.

4. The UAV and Drones array - the system operates the Hermes 450 Squadron and the special unit Sky Rider.

5. The precise guided armament system - the Meithar unit and the special unit Moran.

Soldiers of the Artillery Corps wear turquoise berets and black combat boots.

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