IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Defense Forces Military Intelligence Hat Badge

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About the IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Defense Forces Military Intelligence Hat Badge

The Intelligence Directorate of the IDF is responsible for providing warnings of war, hostile acts, and terror treats. It also provides the national intelligence assessment on the military, political and technological levels. Provision of routine intelligence and its distribution to the right ranks of the IDF, the Minister of Defense, the Prime Minister and other security state bodies.

The 21st century brings new challenges to the intelligence directorate. The military and technological buildup of the Arab armies, together with the growing activity of the global terrorist organizations, constitutes a global strategic threat, and requires the Directorate to concentrate enormous resources in closely monitoring these processes in order to deal with all the threats against the State of Israel.

The tasks of the Intelligence Directorate of the IDF are:

  1. War Alert: Military Intelligence (headed by the head of Military Intelligence) is the national alert for war and is responsible for formulating the general-sector intelligence picture, from which Israel's reference threats are derived.
  2. Formulation of an intelligence situation picture in routine and in emergency situations
  3. Transfer of intelligence information to combat forces for routine security and maintaining a cease-fire.
  4. The transfer of concrete intelligence to targeted actions aimed at postponing the next confrontation. This is done by preventing the enemy from developing capabilities that will enable it to violate Israel's balance of deterrence vis-a-vis its enemies and change regional power balance.

Intelligence  soldiers wear a dark green beret and black military boots.


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