IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Golani Embroidered Patch


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Embroidered Patch of the Golani tree, the emblem of the 1st Infantry brigade of the IDF.

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About IDF Insignia Israeli Golani Embroidered Patch

Golani is the 1st infantry brigade of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). It was established during the War of Independence in 1948. Golani operates in all Israel's frontiers but is usually associated with the Northern command.

The Golani brigade participated in all Israeli wars and almost in every major operation. A green olive tree against a yellow background is on the crest of the brigade. Golani warriors wear brown berets and black combat boots and they are equipped with the IWI Tavor X95 assault rifle.

The fighters receive the warrior pin at the end of their training course. The pin consists of three symbols; Golani's tree is in the middle of the pin and symbolizes the fighters' connection to the land and the legacy of the brigade. Across the pin is the sword of Gideon, who is known as a Biblical war hero, and in the background two lightning bolts that symbolize the fighting spirit of the brigade.

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