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IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Medal of Valor

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IDF Insignia Israeli Medal of Valor ZAHAL.

About IDF Insignia Israeli Medal of Valor (Itur HaGvura)

The Israeli Medal of Valor is the highest decoration of the Israeli Armed Forces. The IDF Medal of Valor is Equivalent in importance to the USA Medal of Honor and the British Victoria Cross

Since the establishment of the State of Israel only forty Medals of Valor were awarded. Twelve for actions in the War of Independence (Hero of Israel recipients automatically awarded the Medal of Valor), four for the Sinai War, Twelve for the Six-Day War, one for the War of Attrition, eight for the Yom Kippur War and three others awarded on other occasions.

This is a replica made by using the same mold that the original medals were manufactured. Unique and only item. 

Buy all three medals for $400 instead of $450.

30 g
2 mm
40 mm
70 mm

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 70 × 2 × 40 mm

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