IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Navy Hat Badge

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About the IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Navy Hat Badge

The missions of the Israeli Navy are to:

  • Protect and defend the State of Israel from maritime threats.
  • Defend the vital maritime routes from and to Israel
  • Assist the Israeli Defense Forces in naval operations
  • Engage any hostile naval vessel.
  • Transport equipment and soldiers.
  • Perform search-and-rescue missions at sea.
  • Train the naval forces of the IDF.
  • Execute certain ground missions within the framework of the instructions of the army.
  • Training base : The objective of the training base is to train Navy recruits for their future task in their unit/
  • Haifa Main Naval base: The missions of the Haifa base are: securing Israel’s sea routes, strengthening the operational capability of the navy, and deepening cooperation between the Israeli Navy and other IDF armed forces.
  • Ashdod : Responsible for the southern part of the Mediterranean coast of the State of Israel and mainly deals with routine security operations in this maritime area.
  • Atlit : Home to one of the IDF's elite units, Shayetet 13 (Navy Special Forces).
  • Eilat : Main naval base and HQ of the Red Sea.
  • Shipyard: The Israeli Navy shipyard, located in Haifa, is the place where ship repair and improvement works are carried out. The shipyard is also responsible for weaponry development, marine coastal inspection systems, and the corps’ equipment.
  • Equipment: The logistics base of the Navy. Its role is to provide for the logistical needs of the various units of the corps.
  • Headquarters: Located in Tel Aviv in the Kirya, which houses the headquarters of the IDF’s different corps.
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