Israeli Border Police Hat Badge Pin Insignia 

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About the Israeli Border Police Badge Pin Insignia 

Israeli Border Police or the Border Guard aka MAGAV is the operational arm of the Israeli Police, whose mission is to address internal security, counter terrorism, anti-crime, security of sensitive installations, security of rural areas and the prevention of agricultural theft.

The Border Police is a multi-purpose force that assists the Israeli Police and the IDF in handling problems within its areas of its expertise, and serves as a central reserve for immediate intervention in security events. The headquarters of the Border Police is located in city of Lod. 

The Border Police was initially established in 1948 within the framework of the IDF as a frontier guard force. It was formally established again in 1953 as a police force.  The Border Guard is a pioneer in integrating members of minority groups who serve as fighters and commanders in the Guard.

The corps also leads the integration of women in all combat functions, including special units. The Hat Badge of the Border Police is identical to its mothers' force the Israeli Police with one slight difference. The background color of the letter MEM (Hebrew M) in the center of the emblem is green and not blue.

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