Israeli Police Shoulder Embroidered Patch for Traffic and Patrol Policemen

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About the Israeli Police Shoulder Embroidered Patch for Traffic and Patrol Policemen

The Israeli Police is part of the Israeli security forces. Israeli Police works to provide personal and social security for all citizens. Its main activities are crime prevention, law enforcement, identifying those suspected of committing crimes, bringing the guilty to justice, assisting victims of crime, and maintaining public order. 
The Israel Police is headed by the Inspector-General who is responsible for its management, in accordance with the policy set by the Minister of Public Security. The Israeli Police is a unified arm of the central government. Unlike police forces in federal states, the Israel Police is a national police and is not a combination of separate police forces.

This yellow framed patch is for patrol and traffic policemen who wear dark navy blue uniform.


10 g
1 mm
95 mm
115 mm

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 115 × 1 × 95 mm
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