"My Most Prized Possession" Tavor (TAR-21) Morale Patch – TVR-MPP

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IWBM247 Professional Customer ServiceInternational Free ShippingMIL-SPEC QualityPRODUCT VIDEOABOUTRETURNSSHIPPINGPRODUCT DESCRIPTION"My Most Prized Possession" Tavor (TAR-21) Morale Patch This one was specially made and designed for all the hardcore Tavor lovers out there.   "This Is My Most Prized Possession"   The Tavor patch is a one and only exclusive patch made and designed by us - Zahal. This patch is one of our favorite ones so far, probably because our love for the IWI Tavor rifle, there is no need to say how great the rifle looks so we spent a lot of time thinking on how the patch will look like, we wanted it to look special while keeping the design as clean as possible. The Tavor Patch has two thin lines as the border, the Tavor (TAR-21) in the middle popping out a little bit out of our specially designed "Dragon Skin" background.   If you own a Tavor or you are a big fan of the rifle owning one of these patches will be a great item for your collection, also you can be certain that it will pop out your friend's eyes when they see it.      Patch Details   Height: 50mm Width: 85mm Material: PCV Rubber Colors: Brown, Tan & Black Velcro Backing: Yes     *Made and designed by Zahal         Holsters    |    Apparel    |    Bulletproof    |    Tactical Accessories    |    SpeedloadersSee accessories in action (might not include featured item)We have been in business since 2001 and ever since, we have had the privilege of serving thousands of customers reaching from Hawaii to Vladivostok. Our mission is to offer state of the art Israeli army equipment and hard to find IDF memorabilia together with competitive prices and exceptional service. Our customers consist of professional soldiers, contractors, arms enthusiasts and Israel/IDF supporters.ZAHAL is one of the largest IDF ebay web stores for Tactical gear, Bullet Proof, Combat gear as well as insignia, badges, patches, pins and medals. Special Forces, Police, Air Force, Army and Navy insignias and much more.If you have any question or interested in an item that is not listed on our eBay store and we offer other stuff from the same manufacturer we probably have it in stock so contact us at any time for more information.All returns are accepted but please know the following:You have to contact us within 14 Days after receiving the item.A refund will be given only if the product you received is damaged or you have returned it back to us because you are no longer interested in it anymore.Return shipping will be paid by you (the buyer).We will do our almost to prevent customers dissatisfaction so if there is any problem with your order please contact us asap so we could help you and give you the best customer service you can get.We do our utmost to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We ship three times a week. Please allow sufficient time for the package to arrive and don't forget that it is being shipped from Israel. Please see below the average shipping times according to our experience and the Postal Office publications. All "days" mentioned in the information below are "business days".When you choose the shipping method please know that:Economy Shipping = Free (Limited tracking for US customers)Standard Shipping = $4.50 (Recomended option)Expedited Shipping =$30-$40 EMS (Express Mail Service)**Again, we offer this information without any obligation or guarantee.Shipping to Germany may take that long because almost all packages sent to Germany get delayed by the German customsDestination / ServiceEconomy ShippingStandard ShipingExpedited ShippingNorth America10 - 21 days5-8 days3 - 5 daysEurope7 - 14 days5-8 days2 - 5 daysRest of the world14 - 31 days-4-7 days(South America) 4-6(Australia)
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