Orpaz Defense Active retention Holster Sig Sauer P320 & P250 – S.S.P. 3.2 T.R


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Holsters    |    Apparel    |    Bulletproof    |    Tactical Accessories    |    SpeedloadersIWBM247 Professional Customer ServiceInternational Free ShippingMIL-SPEC QualityPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS.S.P.  3.2 HolsterActive RetentionOrpaz’s new thumb release holster is brand new addition to the market. Developed by IDF combat veterans, its innovation is as a level 2 retention holster that provides the carrier instant access to the weapon coupled with the additional safety provided by the thumb release mechanism.  The release of the weapon is through a natural draw motion that is both quick and smooth.  During re-holstering the trigger guard connects with the holster which firmly secures your weapon.  For the comfort and preference of the carrier the holster can be rotated to different angles.  It also features an innovative combination low-ride/belt attachment as well as a molle, drop-leg that connects with the low-ride, and belt-only attachments. Advantages:Active RetentionTested under hard conditionsLightweight holsterLow profile holsterHas a adjustable screw for highly customizableMade of durable hard polymerA unique allen key spot in the back of the holsterCompatibility:Sig Sauer P320Sig Sauer P250ABOUT USORPAZ was founded in 1990 by a veteran of the Israeli police SWAT unit, after identifying a real and present operational demand from his unit comrades for higher quality weapon-systems than the ones they used during their service. Since its inception and to the present day, all design, development and production of ORPAZ Carry gear is done in Israel while maintaining a close and continuous collaboration with national security elements and elite combat units, both in Israel, as well as worldwide. The highest quality textiles and polymers in the market are meticulously selected to provide our valued customers with the most reliable and ergonomic, yet rugged and hassle-free carry gear. We pride ourselves on our innovative products, and our family of dedicated employees consisting of professional production, product-development and marketing teams. By choosing ORPAZ as your next carry gear, you can be confident of getting combat-proven products, backed by years of operational experience on various flashpoints around the globe, and a lifetime guarantee. Why choose ORPAZ Holsters? ORPAZ holsters represent the next leap in the continuing evolution of holster design. ORPAZ holsters combine the proven advantages of: 0 Polymer construction for light weight and durability. 0 Comfortable paddle design on most models. 0 High Riding. Full Master Grip.​​​​​​​RETURNSAll returns are accepted but please know the following:You have to contact us within 14 Days after receiving the item.A refund will be given only if the product you received is damaged or you have returned it back to us because you are no longer interested in it anymore.Return shipping will be paid by you (the buyer).We will do our almost to prevent customers dissatisfaction so if there is any problem with your order please contact us asap so we could help you and give you the best customer service you can get.SHIPPINGWe do our utmost to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We ship three times a week. Please allow sufficient time for the package to arrive and don't forget that it is being shipped from Israel. Please see below the average shipping times according to our experience and the Postal Office publications. All "days" mentioned in the information below are "business days".When you choose the shipping method please know that:Economy Shipping = Free (Limited tracking for US customers)Standard Shipping = $4.50 (Recomended option)Expedited Shipping =$30-$40 EMS (Express Mail Service)**Again, we offer this information without any obligation or guarantee.Shipping to Germany may take that long because almost all packages sent to Germany get delayed by the German customsDestination / ServiceEconomy ShippingStandard ShipingExpedited ShippingNorth America10 - 21 days5-8 days3 - 5 daysEurope7 - 14 days5-8 days2 - 5 daysRest of the world14 - 31 days-4-7 days(South America) 4-6(Australia)

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