Orpaz Defense Level 2 Light/Laser Bearing Holster For Glock 36

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About the Orpaz Defense Level 2 Light/Laser Bearing Holster For Glock 36:

The Orpaz Glock Paddle Holster is custom molded with Nylon 6 Polymer and combat tested, it is strong, elastic and highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. 
With the Thumb Release feature you have instant access to your handgun, and level 2 retention that engages the trigger guard area during re-holstering, keeping the handgun secure at all times. it also comes with the standard tension adjustment screw that can be tighten or loosen depends on the ease of presentation and the security of retention that you are comfortable with.

Will Fit: Glock 36

Features & Superior Qualities:

  • Fully adjustable and compatible with Glock 36 Light's / Lasers (up to 1.22"" wide) and all Sights / Optics
  • Level II retention - Ergonomically positioned thumb lock & release mechanism, and magnetic retention mechanism for optimal security
  • Specially designed ergonomic structure allows you to mount your holster at different heights
  • Constructed from rugged, lightweight polymer and Compatible with Orpaz attachments and adapters
  • Designed in cooperation with IDF counter-terrorism teams, and Made in Israel


Carry Options:

  • The default Paddle attachment.
  • With Belt attachment.
  • On your tatical vest using the MOLLE attachment.
  • With the Low-Ride attachment.
  • With the Drop-Leg attachment.
Glock 36
45 mm
143 mm
82 mm

Additional information

Dimensions 82 × 45 × 143 mm

Carry Style

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Country of Manufacture

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Retention Level


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