Bone Tactical Scorpion Bone Opener w/ Screwdriver

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About the Bone Tactical Scorpion Bone Opener w/ Screwdriver :

The Bone Tactical Scorpion Bone Opener w/ Screwdriver is our foray into the multi-tool world, but as everything here at Bone Tactical, there’s more to this clandestine EDC tool than one may discern at first glance. Not to be confused with the Bone Breaker, this keychain multi-tool is not a weapon and should not be construed as one. This tool is therefore legal to carry virtually anywhere you can carry your keys. This tool is so effective yet unassuming, it can be a literal lifesaver in weapon free zones (where no other force multipliers this effective can be legally carried). It features a 1” wrench, a quarter-inch hex head, a built-in 1/4" screwdriver bit (both Phillips and regular), a bottle opener, two pocket loops (one for deep carry and one for quick access), while of course functioning always as a keychain for organizational purposes.

Bone Breaker key-chains feature a built-in slot that allows them to slip into and over a garment pocket, keeping your keys safe, and the index finger loop oriented upright for quick access. In the absence of pockets, it can even be worn inside the waistband (think running or bike shorts). The pointed and raised crest near the key-chain loop functions as a glass breaker during vehicle emergencies. The bottle opener at the bottom isn't just great for popping open an occasional brew, it also makes this a great tool for bartenders who could always use a little backup when dealing with individuals consuming large amounts of alcohol. Women will find this to be an excellent self-defense tool because the most high-risk situations for a woman are also times when they’d be likely to have their keys in hand: To and from one's vehicle, or to and from one's place of residence. Carrying the key-chain in hand, ready to strike (at unopened bottles), at these increased times of danger could also give a woman the upper hand against a would-be attacker. The pocket loop even allows ladies to hang their keys in a purse pocket for easy retrieval.

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Specification :

  • Stainless Steel Crusader Bone Breakers:
  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Length: 4.5"
  • ​Width: 1.5


About Bone Tactical:

Bone Tactical mission is to use our expertise in global high-risk security contracting and consulting, weapon design and development, physical fitness, martial arts, overland expedition, survival, and preparedness to provide information, services, and products to those in need. We are a group of non-permissive environment specialists with different individuals offering a wide array of their respective abilities to the consumer. We specialize in personal security details, close protection, executive protection, security consulting, and private security contracting for high-risk clients. Our research, development, and production teams develop and produce cutting edge weapons through our collaborative combat, martial arts, and weapons experience. 

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