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About the Scout - Commando Canvas boots:

For a trendy take on the rugged look, select these Scout - Commando Canvas boots. These Scout boots feature a canvas upper, a rubber sole. These Scout Commando boots are perfect for explorers and adventurers, whether you’re in the city or out hiking. Pair with our Alpha Fleece for a complete look. The "Scout" made in Israel Commando boots in tan or black are favorites of the Israeli Naval commando and other Special Forces to wear while in training and on leave. 

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  • Made from a Canvas Upper with rubber sole
  • Comes in Black and OD Green
  • Extremely durable
920 g
- mm
- mm
- mm

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Weight 920 g
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4 reviews for Scout – Commando Canvas boots

  1. 5 out of 5

    Deborah Cieslewski (verified owner)

    I love my black Scout Commando Boots, they fit just right, very comfortable to wear and walk in,and they go great with jeans or tactal pants,and the price was good on these boots will buy another pair in khaki

  2. 1 out of 5


    Please don’t post this review. I have just thrown away my fifth pair of these boots. I had taken them out of the box only 10 minutes before that. They were unworn and I had just laced them up completely for the first time. They and the other four pair I have in addition to this pair I purchased a few years ago and they have been in a cool, dark, temperature controlled closet ever since their arrival. The soles on these boots completely disintegrate and crumble to nothing. I am very disappointed and have had to throw away at least four pairs before now, but I thought it was because I had been using them and kept them in the garage between uses so I thought that the heat there could have been a significant contributing factor. But these five pairs have only been in the closet, but have disintegrated anyway. Is this how these actual duty boots perform? How could any soldier ever depend on these? Should they come with an expiration date? I have never had boots disintegrate like this especially without any actual use. Does the IDF really use these boots? Can you please help me understand the problem I am having with a product I should have been able to rely on from a reputable dealer and that is supposedly used by one of the toughest, hardest fighting military units in the world? Please help.

  3. 5 out of 5

    mike gookin (verified owner)

    I have owned at least a dozen pair of these boots and have been very happy with them. They are very comfortable. About the coolest thing you can wear in the summer and still have some level of protection. The soles are soft rubber and yet have a nice agressive tread. I have had no issues with their durability. I spray silicone spray on them, it makes them very water resistant without losing their breathability. I also order them about a half size large so I can wear thick socks when the weather turns cold. I definitely recommend this great product.

  4. 3 out of 5


    Own a pair of these, or similar. I find Palladiums more comfortable even though most of theirs are made in China. I wanted to comment on this as another here had an issue with sole disintegration. These boots are made with polyurethane, a foam. Like other foams, including tennis shoes that often use EVA foam, the foam breaks down over time. The breakdown is accelerated with disuse hence why people buy rainboots, for example, store them in their closet for winter, and after 9 months in the closet, they break down with the first use.
    This process is called hydrolysis. I have seen good example of this last 5-10 years with regular use, and it is much lighter than rubber, but everything isn’t made the same and some boots sit on warehouse shelves for years before they are sold, and at that point, the soles life has been significantly reduced.

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