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About the Textile Handcuffs :

Handcuffs use unique locking system, which ensures that even physically very strong persons cannot get out from these handcuffs. Minimal tearing strength of handcuffs is 140 kg (verified by certified tests).

Main advantages consist in low weight and easy storage. This product was already patented in the USA and in Europe. These handcuffs are broadly used by Police of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. They are supplied in a set of 5 pieces. Removal of handcuffs is made by multipurpose ESP cutter.

Weight 22 grams.

 We offer other Police Gear at Zahal such as the ESP - Expandable Batons, Pepper Spray Holster and Tactical UZI Pens with Handcuff Keys .


  • HT-01-Y ... Fabric ribbon enables easy identification of handcuffed person - YELLOW color
  • HT-01-B ... Fabric ribbon  - BLACK color
  • HT-01-T ...  Training version of textile disposable handcuffs - RED color

Training version of textile disposable handcuffs


We offer together with disposable handcuffs HT-01-Y or HT-01-B also their training version HT-01-T in RED colour, which makes it possible to train handcuffing techniques without necessity of destroying real disposable handcuffs.

These handcuffs are equipped instead of fixation locks with silicon friction rollers, which enable smooth and easy fixation of handcuffs. They, however, exert slight resistance when the handcuffed person tries to release himself or herself from the handcuffs. They thus imitate behaviour of real handcuffs, but can be easily and safely taken off. 

22 g

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Weight 22 g

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