Apparel & Morale Patches

Apparel & Morale Patches


Are you looking for the best Apparel & Morale Patches deals on the internet?, then look no further! Zahal has you covered.

We at Zahal, offer a huge selection of exclusive prints on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirt, watches, and footwear. In addition to offering original prints our apparel fabric is of the highest standard. Starting at $14.50 per t-shirt you will not find a better deal on the web. Our ADI watches are assembled and designed in Israel with Swiss technology and include IDF emblem insignia. Furthermore we offer a large selection of morale patches that include both our limited edition Zahal morale patches but also other brands such as Moeguns, Battle Patches, and Aprilla Design. Enhance your collection with hard to find Zahal morale patches such as the Keeper of Israel, Pocket IDF Soldier, Pro-Israel, and Swords of Joshua and much more..

We also offer a wide selection of ball caps, tactical ball caps, wool caps that feature dozens of popular IDF unit designs such as the Paratrooper brigade, Golani brigade, Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13 Navel commando. Choose Zahal for your Apparel & Morale Patches and needs.