Bulletproof Equipment

Bulletproof Equipment


The first thing you need to explore when choosing body armor is what you need it for. Are you in private security? Do you work at a prison or at a bar? What are the threats that you will face during work or on the way home? Do you need to wear your vest under the cloth for deep concealment or can it be a bulky police vest with extra protection? All these factors will determine the vest you need.  Our best-seller for this category is the Masada - Bulletproof Backpack Full Body Armor/Bulletproof Vest (IIIA)

If you live and work in a dangerous environment that might see assault rifle fire, you’ll want to consider hard armor consisting of ceramic plates (Level III+ IV Armored plates), this kind of protection can withstand high-speed rounds often seen on the modern battlefield. If you work in a prison or at a club, it’s less likely to encounter a handgun or rifle fire. Nevertheless, there is a reasonable chance of a knife attack. In this case, you would require stab-resistant panels for the back and front of your vest. You will also want something that is lightweight and flexible in case you need to react fast in close-quarter combat. If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself you will need a comfortable VIP concealment vest made by Marom Dolphin or a bulletproof waistcoat that can go great with any suit jacket made by Hagor. If you are in the military and concealment is not important we would recommend a large vest that protects as much area as possible. Therefore you should consider our IDF military vest comes with extra IIIA neck and groin protection. Other upgrades you would want to consider are the anti trauma panels for the front and the back of your vest. In the event you are hit by a projectile these anti-trauma panels will absorb some of the blunt trauma aimed at your body. Equally important is head protection so why not upgrade your defense with our military standard IIIA ballistic helmets that come in various colors.

When choosing body armor, whether it’s a helmet, bulletproof vest or a bulletproof jacket, one thing you must be accurate with is sizing. Make sure that you get correct measurements so that the armor you purchase will fit you perfectly and protect you when it's needed.



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