Tactical, Combat & Survival Gear

Tactical, Combat & Survival Gear


In addition to our Rifle and Gun Accessories sections, we offer the best Tactical, Combat & Survival Gear on the net! A very large collection of top of the line IDF tested tactical vests, carry bags, concealment gun bags, tactical flashlights, self defense products and even combat blades made by trusted Israeli brands such as Marom Dolphin, Hagor, Front-Line, FAB Defense, Dustar, ISAK and more. Our tactical vests are developed together with the best units the IDF has to offer making sure the operator can function under the most stressful conditions when carrying a heavy load. Our shooting vests disperse the weight of all the needed equipment safely and easily.

Equally important to a great tactical vest is a good carry duffel bag that enables you to carry your gear securely. Looking for a blade or an axe that will last you a lifetime? Look no further as our Dustar knives and axes are made from the toughest steel a knife maker can offer. Whether for personal protection or hiking our Dustar knives are up to the job. In addition to our state of the art blades we also offer tough tactical police batons crafted by ESP in the Czech Republic. These ESP batons are the toughest the market can offer, therefore they are used by police forces around the globe.  Our Tactical, Combat & Survival Gear is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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