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Zahal was established back in the year 2000. With little funds for marketing we realized that we could produce our own creative content fairly cheaply. This combined with social media we soon realized we could reach a vast amount of people around the globe by creating content that is both interesting and engaging.

We started spreading to all major social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reaching over 250K members and millions of people reached around the world. Soon we realized that we could offer this service to companies in the tactical and gear industry. Helping them navigate the complex path to reaching their target audience through social media. Apart from creating exclusive content we also manage social media platforms. We monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way while cultivating leads and sales. We create, curate, and manage creative content that include image photography, videos and written articles. For more information please see the sections below.

With over 7 million views and 20k Subscribers on Youtube we at Zahal know what makes a great video. Our Youtube account was first established in 2007 with the idea of creating content that would both promote our products but would also be interesting and educating to our target audience. Whether it’s a basic live feed on Facebook or a complex movie production that includes multiple models and vehicles Zahal Media Group is up to the task. Over the years we have produced movies to clients around the world and would be happy to bring your idea to life.
You have a great idea for a photoshoot but do not know where to start? Behind every great idea one needs to take into account the planning and organizing of such a production. We at Zahal have vast experience in planning and setting into motion complex productions that include multiple models, hard to find props, vehicles and weaponry. Our models not only look the part but also know what they are talking about especially when it comes to weapons. Every Zahal model served in the IDF in fighting position and therefore knows how to handle a firearm. Choose Zahal Media Group the next time you imagine something big to push your brand to the next level.

As well as administering social media marketing we at Zahal are proud to create unique content that includes eye catching photography that ultimately results in more leads and sales. Our content marketing is compelling and gets the point across, establishing trust and building confidence with your target audience. We believe in creating value first instead of coming across as only interested in Sales and money.

We at Zahal manage Social Media marketing and advertising for companies in the tactical gear industry. With a total of over 250K members and 7 million views on Youtube we understand the challenges faced by companies in the industry in reaching their target audience. This is especially difficult as social media platforms censor and block paid advertising to companies that deal with firearms, accessories and tactical gear. Therefore we invest in organic reach of your customer base by creating content that is original, engaging and fun. Managing social midea includes planning ahead and goal setting, Development of brand awareness and online reputation, Content management, Growing of leads and sales

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