Gifts & Memorabilia

Gifts & Memorabilia


In addition to our IDF Insignia category, we offer Gifts and Memorabilia made in Israel. Making it easier for you to find an original made in Israel gift for a loved one.

Our Flag selection comes in various sizes and gives you the opportunity to choose the size that best suites you while supporting Israel. In addition we offer Judaica Kabbalah collectibles as well as Jewelry that both represent in its features the state of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces. Designs include the Emblem of the IDF, The Israeli Air Force, Paratrooper Brigade, Golani Brigade and many more. Additionally we recommend our selection of Books that feature all the IDF Armored vehicles and aircraft since the founding of the Israeli Defense Forces in 1948. Our Watches are made by ADI and are assembled and designed in Israel with state of the art Swiss technology. Like with the Jewelry our ADI watches come with IDF Unit emblems the include the famous Mossad, Counter Terror School, IDF Emblem and many more. Choose Zahal Gifts & Memorabilia selection next time you want to surprise a family member or a friend with an original gift made in the Israel.


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