IDF Insignia

IDF Insignia


Are you looking for rare IDF memorabilia and insignia on the internet, then look no further! Zahal being the biggest online source for IDF pins and products has you covered.

We at Zahal, offer a huge selection of hard to find Pins and Badges. Unit pins that include IDF Special Forces such as the famous Counter Terror School insignia, Shayetet 13 Special Naval Warfare, 669 IAF Search and Rescue, IAF pilot just to name a few. In addition to the Israel Defense Force insignia, we at Zahal pride ourselves with the biggest collection of IDF Units Tags. Starting at $7.00 per tag you will not find a better deal on the web. Equally large is our category for Decorations and Medals that are a must for any IDF and military collector. Furthermore we offer a selection of Campaign-Ribbons of all the Israeli Wars since 1948 till the preset day that include the War of Independence, Sinai War, Six Day War, War of Attrition, Yom Kippur War, First Lebanon War, Second Lebanon War, Protective Edge Opertion. Complete your IDF collection with hard to find IDF Military Ranks. Whether it’s a Navy, Military or Air Force ranks you are looking for we have them in stock. We also offer a selection of Books that feature all the IDF armored vehicles and aircraft since the establishment of the Israeli Defense Forces in 1948. Our Berets come in one size and include all the military branches such as the Paratrooper Brigade in red, Golani Brigade in dark brown, and dark blue for Navy just to name a few. Choose Zahal for your IDF memorabilia and insignia needs.


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