Gun Holsters & Accessories

Gun Holsters & Accessories


When you buy a new firearm and want to carry it with the best holsters on the market. We offer the biggest selection of gun holsters on the internet, you are sure to find the right gun holster for your requirement. We offer Holsters and magazine pouches from top brands such as Fobus, IMI Defense<, FAB Defense, Front-Line, And Orpaz that set the standards for excellence, innovation, and most important at a great price, you will find the selection on Zahal to accommodate almost all modern gun models. Click on our Shop by Gun Section in order to shop everything for your specific firearm. In addition to our holster and mag pouch selection we also carry a huge selection of Gun Accessories and Sights for your firearm. Whether it's for Glock, Sig SauerJericho 9411911Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Springfield XD, Makarov and much more we got you covered. Our holster collection offers a number of carry styles that include concealed carry inside the waist Band (IWB), concealed carry bags, quick-draw holsters for outside the waist band (OWB), shoulder rigs, wide Belt/duty carry attachmenhttp://www.zahal.org/all-categories/gun-holsters-accessories/fiber-optic-tritium-pistol-sights/ts, ankle holsters for your  backup weapon and holsters with MOLLE attachments for your tactical vest and more..

Equally important thttp://www.zahal.org/all-categorieso a great holster is making sure your pistol functions flawlessly at any situation no matter what. We recommended upgrading your firearm with the DPM Systems Technologies Ltd recoil reduction system. The DPM Spring will make sure your gun will not malfunction, increase follow-up shots, and of course reduce recoil. Unlike a normal spring that needs to be replaced after 5000 rounds the DPM spring will last you 50,000 shots. We also offer what we refer to as "The ultimate accessory we offer for the handgun" is the FAB Defense KPOSThe KPOS G2 transforms your handgun into a short barreled rifle in under 2 minutes making your gun more stable and accurateNo need to worry about the Tax stamp as we also offer the KPOS Scout with the Sling Shot Brace that does not need to be registered.

Zahal is a one-stop shop when it comes to holsters, magazine pouches and pistol accessories.