DPM Telescopic Recoil System Assembly

Telescopic Recoil System Assembly

For: AK-47, MOLOT 12 GAUGE Shotgun, SAIGA 12 GAUGE Shotgun, SAIGA R&B 12 GAUGE Shotgun, SAIGA 410/36 Shotgun

Assembly Instructions for Telescopic Recoil System:


  1. Use the DPM Recoil Reduction system Only for the listed types and models of pistol on the packing. DO NOT USE the system on other pistol models. It may cause damage to the recoil system and possibly to the pistol as well.
  2. Always use one of the included springs (usually the longer spring is the heavy). If include other parts like Spring Plugs, Washers and Spacers Please read the following instructions.
  3. Our products do not invalidate the existing guidelines concerning the safe and correct way to use your pistol.
  4. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON MODIFIED PISTOL. If your pistol is modified internally please contact us for further information or a customized solution.

Attention: DPM Systems Technologies Ltd and its distributors are not responsible for any damage or injury that may happen due to the incorrect placing or use of its products.

Telescopic Recoil Rod
2: Long External Spring
3: Medium External Spring
4: Short External Spring
5: Short Spacer
6: Medium Spacer
7: Long Spacer



Installation Instructions:

  1. Choose the combination of the parts that you wish to use and assemble the Telescopic Recoil System as shown on Fig 1.
  2. Insert one External Spring to the Telescopic Recoil System (Fig 2).
  3. Insert one Spacer in the other free coil of the External Spring to lock in the Spacer Groove (Fig 3). Now the system now is ready for installation.

Adjustability Suggestions:

Any combination of the springs and spacers will allow the rifle to function properly. Our suggestion for the best results is to use with a low velocity and small caliber ammunition the short-soft springs and short spacer. For big caliber and heavy-strong ammunition we suggest to use the longer-stronger springs and the long/spacer.