FAB Defense 9mm Handgun Tactical Safety Barrel Blocker (5 Pack)

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About the FAB Defense 9mm Handgun Tactical Safety Barrel Blocker (5 Pack):

The FAB Defense 9mm Handgun Tactical Safety Barrel Blocker (5 Pack) is designed to safely enhance your training and firearm storage. In addition, the FAB Defense 9mm Handgun Tactical Safety Barrel Blocker features the latest technology in gun safety. Furthermore, the 9mm Handgun Tactical Safety Barrel Blocker is one of the premiere gun barrel blockers on the market, making this item a must-own for firearms owners.


  • Bright red color enhances firearm visual safety
  • Provides the user and its surroundings with a visual confirmation that there is no round in the chamber
  • Does not Interfere with normal use – a simple cocking motion will eject the barrel blocker and load a live round in to the chamber (if a loaded magazine was inserted first)
  • Enhances firearm situational awareness
  • Prevents accidental discharge, enables rapid charging of live ammunition


  • 9mm Handgun 

Since its foundation, FAB-Defense has been leading in development and manufacture of the highest quality tactical equipment and weapon accessories for Israel’s Military and Police. Because FAB-Defense works in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide. 

Furthermore, the State-of-the-Art engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance methods are joined into leading technologies ensuring the products produced exceed even the most strict industry standards. In addition, FAB Defense products are thoroughly tested in the harshest environments and under extreme conditions. Conditions that include freezing snow and scorching deserts by some of the best tactical units in the world. FAB unique production standards are first and foremost led by operational field experience, leading the way in tactical accessory operation.

9mm Handguns
25 g
20 mm
29 mm

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 29 × 20 mm

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1 review for FAB Defense 9mm Handgun Tactical Safety Barrel Blocker (5 Pack)

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    5 out of 5

    pastro.cav.09 (verified owner)

    It is a simple solution in replacement for buying blue guns. As a firearm instructor in a police force, we are not issued blue guns, and still I wanted to have it as another tool when teaching. It worked out perfectly in glocks.
    I have tested it on MP5s and it worked also.
    But mind yourself, it is not specifically designed for SMGs, the final result is that you have an open bolt, the red dong will stay outside but the plastic ammo will not enter the chamber. It is enough to avoid any accidents after all.
    It is definetly worth the price.

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