FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19

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About the FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19:

The Glock tactical Cobra stock takes your Glock Pistol to the next level of stability and performance. The FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19 makes shooting much more accurate.  The stock is used by undercover law enforcement & security personnel worldwide. If you are considering this product we suggest adding the Recover Tactical GCH Glock Charging Handle and FAB Defense FGGS-K Folding grip for pistols


Glock 17-19-19x-18-22-23-31-32-34-35-45 (GEN 2-3-4-5 Standard) 

Also, see our KPOS Scout for Glock Gen 4 and Gen 5 compatibility.

The Glock is for illustration only


  • Enhances stability and accuracy at longer ranges
  • Can be holstered when folded
  • Unique sling feature
  • Quick-Release for easy attachment and removal
  • Extends to any of 4 possible lengths for ideal shoulder positioning
  • Slim and low profile, ideal for concealed carry
  • Durable and lightweight fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction

About FAB Defense:

FAB Defense LOGO

FAB Defense® has been leading in the development and manufacture of the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment and weapon accessories for the State of Israel’s Military and Police. FAB Defense® R&D department works in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide to design creative, ability enhancing, no-nonsense solutions to the ongoing dynamic challenges met in the field.

Glock 17-19 Gen 2-3-4-5
210 g
26 mm
146 mm
264 mm

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Weight 210 g
Dimensions 264 × 26 × 146 mm

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4 reviews for FAB Defense Collapsible Tactical Cobra Stock for Glock 17-19

  1. 5 out of 5


    This grip is ingenious – could you please bundle it with the FGGK-S foregrip?

  2. 5 out of 5

    Robert Wise

    1sy of all, regarding another review, foregrips are retarded. they add nothing, get in the way. Do you see any foregrips on the M16 A1? Have you ever put a vertical one on a rifle and used it? I have, it’s ergonomic as hell, quite useless. Just becuase the Politicians want to ban something, doesn’t mean it’s something you should have. Also you want ANOTHER GRIP on a frigging pistol? Douchebag.
    Anyway this is absolutely high quality and well engineered allowing the best sight picture yet of any attachment to a Glock. And it’s the fastest deployed and it needs a tax stamp to be legal because the LOP is 17″ there abouts and the ATF cutoff for LOP between a simple brace and a stock is 13.5″ I’ve read

  3. 5 out of 5

    Robert Wise

    it has a 17″ LOP. so is definitely SBR inducing. Seems to be extremely well built and designed. It’s the most ergonomic sigh picture I’ve seen on any of my guns, including rifles and shotguns. one little thing: when folded, it bumps up against the bottom of my Crimson Trace CMR 204 green laser light on my rail.

  4. 1 out of 5

    Robert Wise

    This is my review of the Fab Defense Cobra collapsible stock for Glock pistols:

    Unique, well designed, but with two fatal flaws that make it pretty Much WORTHLESS: Very Sloppy play ( like $2 toy slop) and NO customer support from Fab Defense.

    background: I bought it “new” on ebay, however it is really used, i found out when i contacted the seller about the HUGE sideways slop when attached to a G17. The seller assured me, and I believe him, that he got it new and used it in a video, shooting it, once before selling it.

    So, I told him that makes it a used item and he still disagrees. Not withstanding our disagreement, a $100 + item for a firearm SHOULD not come with or develop such nasty slop unless it is made of inferior crap material and/or made with an inferior crap manufacturing process.

    But I’ll let the reader be the judge: It comes with 4 adapters for various Glock models. The previous owner says the #2 for the G17 is the one he used for his video. Frankly I cannot differentiate any of them because I’ve never found any distinguishing numbers or marks on any. But anyway, #2 is pig sloppy when installed and deployed, wobbling like a $2 toy stock. Another one has about half as much play and the remaining unidentified 2 adapters are very tight.

    The slop is where the adapter latches out. All are very tight tolerance at the hinge faces. I determined that the slop comes from the pin that has a poor or bad seat in the bottom of the adapter due to a poorly formed pocket for the pin or a worn one, IDK which, but NEITHER reason is acceptable. The seller said it was like that when he took it out of the package, but then, we never ascertained that we are actually talking about the same play issue. He said the play is between the Glock and the attachment that slips inside the Glock grip, however, that was tight when I tried it.

    And then the kick in the pants is that I have written Fab defense about this twice and they don’t respond.

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