FAB Defense Remington 870 Collapsible Folding Recoil Reduction Stock GL-Shock + Grip

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FAB Defense Remington 870 Collapsible Folding Recoil Reduction Stock GL-Shock + Grip:

This stock is a combination of the FAB Defense ergonomic AGR-870 grip + the Remington 870 Collapsible Folding Stock when you need a versatile tactical stock for today’s fluid combat environments, look no further than the FAB Defense Remington 870 Collapsible Recoil Reduction Stock GL-Shock + Grip. With a tough, robust design as well as a slim, low profile the Remington 870 Collapsible Folding Stock is ideal for today’s dust-filled, urban combat environments. Add an optionally adjustable cheek-rest to provide an optimal eye to target alignment.

The FAB Defense Remington 870 Collapsible Folding Stock w/ GL-Shock can be set up for both left and right-handed shooters with Integrated quick detach sling swivel connectors on both sides. There’s no need to worry about recoil throwing you off because the FAB Defense UAS Remington 870 Collapsible Stock features a rubber butt pad that enhances tactical performance by reducing recoil. The spring lock mechanism can be released by the simple push of a button and can likewise, be opened by simply pulling the end of the stock back out. 

Also, check out our 1-point and 2-point rifle slings category, they could go great with this tactical stock. Add the Cheek Rest with Rail and Shot Shell holder to this kit to make it perfect. 


  • Rock solid one-piece ergonomic design
  • Special non-slip texture
  • Made from quality reinforced polymer composite
  • Enhances natural fighting stance hold on your shotgun
  • Slightly angled to counter recoil
  • Provides improved reaction performance on target time and muzzle control
  • Incorporates preset ambidextrous holes to accommodate our 'SLS' quick release sling attachment
  • No gunsmith required
  • Provides storage compartment for batteries, or cleaning kit
  • Available in black, olive drab green or flat dark earth

About the GL-Shock Stock:

The GL-SHOCK shock absorbing stock contains a recoil reducing mechanism with a built-in premium silicon chrome alloy spring creating a State-of-the-Art stock for your AR15/M16/M4. The GL-SHOCK AR15 Stock has a unique Anti-Rattle mechanism that holds the stock firmly in place on your AR15 tube eliminating any unnecessary rattle, furthermore the buttstock's butt-pad in made out of a high-quality rubber to prevent it from slipping while shooting and enhancing the grip on the shooter's shoulder. The stock also has a watertight battery compartment for two CR123A batteries.

Another great feature that the GL-SHOCK AR15 stock has is that the butt-pad is interchangeable, FAB Defense offers four different butt-pads:
The normal one that comes by default on the GL-SHOCK,
the ARP - Rubberized Assault Butt-Pad,
the SRP - Rubberized Sniper Butt-Pad
and the MBA - Mono-Pod Butt-Stock Add-On.

Butt-Pad Assembly Instructions



  • Provides additional support for more steady hold and extremely accurate shooting
  • Secure retaining mechanism prevents accidental deployment
  • Easily deployed and retracted into the buttstock by the push of a button
  • Top-quality rubber foot for enhanced grip on slippery surfaces  
  • Two-stage screw and spring based extension for rapid deployment and fine adjustment
  • Made of reinforced high-grade polymer composite and 6061 hard anodized aluminum

Butt-Stock Assembly


About FAB Defense:

FAB Defense LOGO

Since its foundation, FAB-Defense has been leading in development and manufacture of the highest quality tactical equipment and weapon accessories for Israel’s Military and Police. Because FAB-Defense works in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide. 

Furthermore, the State-of-the-Art engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance methods are joined by leading technologies ensuring the products produced exceed even the most strict industry standards. In addition, FAB Defense products are thoroughly tested in the harshest environments and under extreme conditions. Conditions that include freezing snow and scorching deserts by some of the best tactical units in the world. FAB unique production standards are first and foremost led by operational field experience, leading the way in tactical accessory operation.

Remington 870
700 g
48 mm
125 mm
295 mm

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 295 × 48 × 125 mm

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