FAB Defense Tactical Bipod & Foregrip /w Flashlight T-POD SL

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About the FAB Defense Tactical Bipod & Foregrip /w Flashlight T-POD SL :

The FAB Defense Tactical Bipod & Foregrip /w Flashlight T-POD G2 SL combines three essential accessories in one. A foregrip, bipod, and 378 lumen tactical light. The FAB Defense Tactical Bipod & Foregrip /w Flashlight T-POD G2 SL fits a wide variety of weapons that have a Rail System such as the AR15, M4, AK-47, VZ58, Tavor, Shotgun and many more. In conclusion if your rifle features a hand guard with a Picatinny or weaver rail our bi-pods will fit perfectly upgrading your weapon to the next level. We recommended visiting our Foregrip section in order to see more of the FAB Defense product line.


  • Designed for Marksmen and Those Operating in the Urban Theatre who Transition from Close Range Combat to Precision Shooting
  • With the Touch of a Button Transforms the Grip into a Sturdy Bipod
  • Legs are Independently Height Adjustable
  • Bipod Allows Slight Pivot to Adjust CANT
  • Wide Deployed Leg Angle Provides Stability Enhancing Quick Combat Positioning
  • Dual Pressure Switch Cavity Mounts with Quick Release Button or Additional Locking Screw
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum, Steel, and MIL-SPEC Reinforced Polymer Composite
  • Provided with the SPL-C Tactical Cover


  • All firearms with an underside 1913 MIL-STD picatinny rail.
  • Requires a minimum of 6 slots / 6.5 cm rail.

Since its foundation, FAB-Defense has been leading in development and manufacture of the highest quality tactical equipment and weapon accessories for Israel’s Military and Police. Because FAB-Defense works in collaboration with Special Forces and SWAT teams worldwide. 

Furthermore the State-of the-Art engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance methods are joined into leading technologies ensuring the products produced exceed even the most strict industry standards. In addition FAB Defense products are thoroughly tested in the harshest environments and under extreme conditions. Conditions that include freezing snow and scorching deserts by some of the best tactical units in the world. FAB unique production standards are first and foremost led by operational field experience, leading the way in tactical accessory operation.

All Picatinny Rails
429 g
45 mm
163 mm
155 mm

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Weight 429 g
Dimensions 155 × 45 × 163 mm

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