Recover Tactical Officer Compact 1911 Clip & Grip System


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About the Recover Tactical Officer Compact 1911 System:

The Recover Tactical Officer Compact 1911 Clip & Grip System is the most popular Clip & Grip on the market today. These 1911 clip and grip  system are made out of high-grade glass reinforced polymer making them durable and lightweight at the same time!  Furthermore, thanks to its superior design there is no need for a gunsmith, can be installed in less than 3 minutes and no permanent modification to be made on your Officer 1911. The Compact 1911 Clip & Grip CG11 is the simplest way to upgrade the feel and look of your officer 1911 while not needing a holster. Own more than one handgun? Check out our Gun Grip Section

Will Fit: 

Compact/Officer 1911 sized frame grip

Another Great upgrade you will find for your 1911 in our DPM Recoil Reduction section 

Features & Superior Qualities:

  • Compact/Officer's 1911 belt clip grip with integrated stowable clip
  • Remains holster compatible when the clip is stowed
  • Immediately swap between different modes of carrying your gun
  • Maintains the ergonomic feel of the grip


  • Remove your existing grip panels and screw on the new Clip and Grip panels
  • In order to switch to concealed carry mode, remove your stowed clip from the left panel and swap it out with the tab from the upper right panel

Recover Tactical Logo

 About Recover Tactical:

Recover Tactical products are designed by world-renowned Israeli weapons engineer and industrial designer Tamir Porat. Tamir has a long history of designing innovative weapons systems including the new Tavor rifle used by the Israeli Defense Forces as well as other militaries and the growing civilian markets around the world.  

Tamir has more than 15 years of experience in the defense industry, specializing in a wide range of areas such as small arms, vehicles, and riot control.  The values that guide his work are fresh visual language, reliability, and functionality, and we at Recover Tactical are committed to the highest standards of performance, coupled with the quality for the benefit of our customers.

Colt 1911
Kimber Ultra Carry II
MetroArms MAC 1911 Bobcut
Sig Sauer 1911
Springfield 1911
STI Escort
Taurus 1911
50 g
30 mm
100 mm
150 mm

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 150 × 30 × 100 mm
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