ZAHAL – 2 Point Tactical IDF Infantry Rifle Sling

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About the ZAHAL - 2 Point Tactical IDF Infantry Rifle Sling:

The ZAHAL - 2 Point Tactical IDF Infantry Rifle Sling is made of Heavy duty all-weather nylon and metal hooks.  This made in Israel tough and reliable 2 point rifle sling is used by various IDF infantry/Special Forces units and has seen a lot of combat over the years.  The ZAHAL - 2 Point Tactical IDF Infantry Rifle Sling quickly adjust and allows fast shouldering/length transition. The  ZAHAL - 2 Point Tactical IDF Infantry Rifle Sling offers the operator to easily transition their firearm from an inverted high chest carry position to a shooting position. The sling can easily be adjustable to fit over your clothing, bulletproof armor, tactical combat vest, helmet, and hydration system. See other made in Israel IDF rifle combat accessories to complete your IDF Rifle.


  • Heavy duty nylon
  • Metal Hooks
  • Will work for both left- and right-hand shooters
  • Fits a large variety of combat weapons such as the AR15, M4, AK-47, VZ58, Tavor and Shotgun
  • Fits all body types and body armor configurations
  • Small Compartment for ear plugs storage 
  • Available in Black Combined with OD Green 
  • Full Extended 

sling is a type of strap or harness designed to allow a shooter to conveniently carry a firearm (usually a long gun such as a riflecarbineshotgun, or submachine gun) on his body, and to aid in greater hit probability by allowing the firearm to be better braced and stabilized during aiming. Various types of slings offer their own advantages and disadvantages, and can generally be divided into several categories.

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