ZAHAL – Double Sided Helmet Cover Mitznefet


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About the ZAHAL - Double-Sided Helmet Cover Mitznefet:

This Helmet Cover called Mitznefet in Hebrew—attaches to a regular combat helmet and obscures its rigid, round shape. As the ZAHAL - Double Sided Helmet Cover Mitznefet flops about, it takes on an irregular form that’s harder to recognize in a shadow or out of the corner of your eye. The hat also protects against the sun and the moon, which might reflect off the surface of the helmet. A standard Mitznefet consists of reversible mesh fabric, with a greenish woodland camouflage print on one side and a brown desert print on the other. It was first used in southern Lebanon in the early 1990's to help soldier's camouflage in activities in the region. 

Be advised pattern might be different than pictured. Very limited stock. 


  • Heavy-duty camo fabric
  • Fits all helmet types
200 g

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Weight 200 g





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