IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Navy Missile Boats Flotilla

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About the IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Navy Missile Boats Flotilla

The Israeli Navy missile boats belong to the 3rd Flotilla and are based in Israel's main naval base in Haifa. The flotilla consists of 3 Missile Boats Squadrons and one Anti-Submarine Squadron. Israeli Missile Boats became famous in 1969 when 5 boats that were built in a Cherbourg shipyard were not delivered and held by the French government due to arms embargo declared by the French president Charles de Gaulle in 1967. The operation called Noa, under the command of Captain Hadar Kimchi took place on December 24th 1969 (Christmas Eve) and only 12 hours later a British reporter noticed the empty docks and reported it to the BBC. In spite of bad weather and heavy storms the five future Israeli Missile boats arrived in Haifa on New Years Eve, December 31st and were welcomed by a jubilant crowd and a proud nation. Twelve boats were ordered and paid by the Israeli government. Seven were delivered and five smuggled under the nose of French authorities. 

Three years later  Missile Boats took part in the Yom Kippur war and were part of the first two surface to surface naval missile battle in history known as the Battle of Latakia(Syria) and the Battle of Baltim(Egypt). Both battles ended with a decisive Israeli victory. Missile boats are still the backbone of the Israeli Navy and all Navy Commanders since 1970 served as missile boat skippers.

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