IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Sayeret Shaldag 


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About the IDF Pin Insignia Israeli Sayeret Shaldag 

The Shaldag (Kingfisher in Hebrew) unit, also known as Air Land Marking Team is a commando unit that belongs to the Israeli Air Force. Shaldag is a highly classified unit but it has been already known to the public that the unit deals with assault and intelligence activities in many sectors, especially behind enemy lines. Shaldag warriors engage in dangerous operational activities, using their physical and mental skills, familiarity with the field, and the use of advanced combat technologies. 

The Kingfisher appears in the center of the unit's badge. Some say that the name was taken from a quote from David Sterling, who said that his unit would fall on the enemy like a kingfisher descending on his prey. Sterling is the founder of the British SAS unit from which the Sayeret Matkal commando unit, and the Shaldag unit drew inspiration. 

Shaldag is lined up with Sayeret Matkal and the Shayetet 13, where the three units receive the highest quality manpower, sophisticated equipment and a large budget share. In most cases the operations of these three units  penetrate deep and far from Israel's territory. 

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