IDF Pin Insignia Sprcial Forces Sayeret Egoz

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About the IDF Pin Insignia Special Forces Sayeret Egoz

The Egoz unit was established in 1995 and was named after the Egoz recon unit that was dismantled in 1974. It was part of the Golani Infantry Brigade until 2015. Its original goal was to deal with guerrilla warfare against Hezbollah at the peak of the IDF's presence in the security zone in southern Lebanon. It continued to operate in hundreds of complex operations during the Second Lebanon War and IDF operations in the Gaza Strip.

One of the most rigorous and physically demanding training regimens in the Israel Defense Forces, Egoz prepares its warriors for operations in multiple environments in and out of Israel, including the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, in addition to longer range operations behind enemy lines.

At the end of 2015 the Sayaert Egoz unit was transferred from the Golani brigade to the newly established Commando Brigade. 
Since April 2018 all the Commando Brigade warriors wear a red beret and reddish/brown combat boots.

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