IDF Pin Insignia YAHALOM Combat Engineering Special Unit


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About the IDF Pin Insignia YAHALOM Combat Engineering Special Unit

Yahalom (the Diamond unit) Is an elite unit of the Combat Engineering Corps which is solely responsible for providing specialized operational solutions. Between many tasks they are responsible for precise demolitions, destruction of enemy infrastructure, preparation of explosive charges and bombs, handling of explosives , neutralization of explosive charges, military engineering in sea and land, clearing of minefields, detection and destruction of smuggling passages and hostile tunnels.  

The Yahalam pin is composed of several elements: the wings symbolize Mythological Phoenix bird that obtains new life by arising from the fire and ashes. The red color symbolizes the typical flame of the sappers. The sword symbolizes warfare. The silver color corresponds to the beret of the combat engineering forces. The turret symbolizes the crest of the combat engineering corps and the diamond in the center, of course, symbolizes the Yahalom unit itself.

25 g
2 mm
33 mm
61 mm

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Weight 25 g
Dimensions 61 × 2 × 33 mm

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